Halloween Word Search

The Halloween word search worksheets below are a great way to reinforce classroom concepts.  I've designed papers for various age groups and levels of readers. 

I wanted my Preschooler to be able to do the word searches alongside her 2nd Grade brother.  (She feels so left out when she doesn't have homework)

Printable Halloween Word Search

Browse through the lists of words and choose the one that's right for your child or classroom.  While the children think they're having fun doing a word search, they're also working on reading skills. 

For older students, you can turn the word lists into vocabulary lessons.

After printing out a few of these for my kids, I realized that our youngest daughter couldn't do them.  I created a couple extra word searches that have simple 3 to 4-letter words for her. 

I also made some of the puzzles smaller (and the letters bigger) so she could find the words easier.  Hopefully you'll be able to find a word search that works well for your child.

There are many ways you could use these sheets.  You could have your students look up some of the words in a dictionary and write out definitions.

My son likes to create PowerPoint presentations for his vocabulary words.  He'll look up the word, write a definition, and then find a picture that demonstrates the word.

See what kind of fun ways you can use the papers below.  Just click on the worksheet you want and you'll be able to download and print them out.  Have fun!

halloween word search 1
halloween word search 2
halloween word search 3
halloween word search 4
halloween word search 5
halloween word search 6
halloween word search 7
halloween word search 8
halloween word search 9

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