Preschool Phonics

preschool phonics

In this lesson covering preschool phonics, we will focus on the short vowel sounds.

If you haven't done so yet, be sure to check out the phonics lessons covering each vowel individually.

Since we've already covered the sounds on previous pages, this will be more of a review--a chance to practice all of the vowels together.

Printable Preschool Phonics Worksheets

The worksheets found here would be great for either preschool students or those students currently in Kindergarten or on their way there. (It's finally summer break here, gotta get ready for Kindergarten!)

There are currently twelve papers in all.  The instructions for all of them are the same.  You will be shown four rows of pictures.  At the beginning of each row is a box with a vowel in it.

Have your child trace the letter that is inside the box and then circle the object in that row that matches the short vowel sound of the letter in the box.

Some of the objects may be tricky for younger students to name correctly.  For example, in one of the activity sheets, the short vowel sound is the letter "i".  In that row, the correct object to circle is a "twister".  It's more likely that a child would label that a "tornado" and not know what to circle, so you may have to help students to name some of the objects.  Below the worksheets, I will provide a list of answers for each paper, to help eliminate any confusion.

Print your papers out by clicking on the pictures below.  

preschool phonics 01
preschool phonics 02
preschool phonics 03
preschool phonics 04
preschool phonics 05
preschool phonics 06
preschool phonics 07
preschool phonics 08
preschool phonics 09
preschool phonics 010
preschool phonics 011
preschool phonics 012

Phonics Answer Guide

As I mentioned above, some of the objects may be harder to guess for some children and adults as well.  I had some trouble coming up with enough different objects for each vowel sound so I had to get a little creative with some of them. Here is a quick guide on the correct answer for each worksheet to help you figure out some of the more difficult answers.

  1. bat, zipper, hen, top
  2. bus, bed, kid, fan
  3. pot, jet, rat, nut
  4. pig, mug, dog, map
  5. ten, log, rug, lip
  6. dog, cab, twister, pen
  7. flip, sub, gem, mop
  8. hat, cog, rug, lid
  9. knot, hen, jam, hug
  10. gum, leg, rip, ram
  11. cop, van, pin, web
  12. fish, pug, cop, nap

Thank you for visiting the site and using the worksheets.  You can continue learning about short vowels, long vowel sounds, consonants, and more using the pages found below:

short a sound 00
short vowel sounds 00
short vowel 00
consonant letters

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