Short Vowel Sounds

If you've already gone over the individual short vowel sounds worksheets, then your child is ready to try these mixed short vowels lessons. 

If you haven't done so yet, you can print out the individual vowel worksheets using the links below.

Mixed Short Vowel Sounds

The first two worksheets have 9 pictures on them.  Your child must name the picture and then determine what short vowel sound is being used.  Write the vowel on the line below the picture.

The next two papers show 6 boxes.  In each box there is a word that is missing the middle letter, in this case, a vowel.  Have your child complete the word by putting a vowel in the middle.  Write the word on the line.

There are two lines to write on under each group of letters.  Some words may be able to use multiple vowels to create words. 

short vowel sounds 1
short vowel sounds 3
short vowel sounds 2
short vowel sounds 4

If your child is struggling with these worksheets, you can review the individual vowel sounds using the lessons below:

short a sound worksheets
short e worksheets
short i sound worksheets
short o worksheets
short u worksheets

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