Printable Letter N Worksheets

printable letter n

Today I created a few printable letter N worksheets which means I'm about half-way through the consonant letters and I'm only a few letters behind my daughter's Preschool class.

They just finished up their unit on the letter R, so I'll be playing catch-up with the consonants this week.

You can go ahead and print out the activity sheets below and then read over the instructions if needed.

Printable Letter N Activities

Click to open worksheets in Google Drive.  From there you can print and/or download. 

printable letter n 1
printable letter n 2
printable letter n 3
printable letter n 4
printable letter n 5
printable letter n 6

Worksheet Instructions

The first worksheet  is a simple activity for children just learning their letters.  Say the letter and have your child repeat it.  Do the same with the words.  Then, help your child to name each object on the right and circle the ones that begin with N (newt, nickel).

Next is a cut and paste activity.  Have your child cut out the pictures at the bottom.  Name each one with your child and then glue the ones that begin with N (nurse, necklace, nails) onto the newspaper.

The third printable shows three pictures.  Next to the pictures are four words.  Help your child determine the best word for each picture.  Circle the word then write it on the line.

The rhyming worksheet shows four boxes with words in them.  Your child will need to choose a word from the word bank that rhymes with each word and then write it in the box.  Use one of the bank words to complete the sentence and another one to create an orignial sentence.

Now we'll mix beginning and ending sounds with the next handout.  Say the name of each picture.  If it begins with N (net, nailclippers, newspaper, nine) write an N on the first line.  If it ends with N (sun, ten, pen, can, van) write N on the last line.

Web Words will ask your child to come up with ten words that begin with N.  Write one word on each section of the spider web.

For more lessons covering letters check out the pages below.

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