Second Grade Reading

second grade reading

These second grade reading worksheets will cover concepts like reading comprehension, vocabulary words, and phonological awareness.

Reading Comprehension will introduce skills like main ideas, figurative language, making inferences, sequencing events and many more.

Vocabulary will focus on things like suffixes, prefixes, figurative language, antonyms, inflection and more, in addition to expanding vocabulary words.

Phonics worksheets will introduce more letter blends, long and short vowel forms, soft consonants, and digraphs.

Second Grade Reading Worksheets

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These are just a few of the things that we covered with our son while he was in second grade.  Most of the reading work we focused on was sounding out basic sight words and understanding how vowel sounds change between long and short versions.

His reading really exploded during second grade.  His teacher emphasized reading in her class; she sent home books for him to read every night.

It's important to remember to give your child books that are a bit below his level as well as books that are a bit beyond his level when learning how to read.

The books that are slightly below will are not only great for review, but they help to boost your child's confidence in his or her ability to read.

Reading books a bit beyond her current reading level will push her to learn new words and develop better reading skills.

With our son, we would start the week reading a book that was a bit easier for him, followed by a few days of books at his current level and then finish the week with books a bit beyond his skill.

We used The Lexile Index website and Scholastic's site to find books. There are more web pages out there that can help you find your child's reading level, but those are the two we used the most.

Below are some more second grade concepts that we learned together.  Check them out:

how to do multiplication
multiplication table missing numbers
addition worksheet
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