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shape worksheets

These shape worksheets will focus on the rectangle shapes with both vertical and horizontal orientations. 

The rectangle can be a bit difficult for some students since they tend to look a bit like squares with their four sides.

Be sure to point out to your class or child that while the rectangle has four sides like a square, two of the sides are longer than the other two.

The worksheets below will build upon the previous lessons covering the circle, triangle and square. 

If you haven't covered those shapes yet, you can do so using the "Shapes" tab on the left-side menu or see the related pages at the bottom of this page.

Rectangle Shape Worksheets

Each of the worksheets below has simple directions at the top of the page. If you find you need help understanding the worksheets, please check out the instructions further down this page.

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Worksheet Instructions

The first worksheet introduces the rectangle shape.  The page is divided into two different sections with the top half showing a horizontal or "landscape" rectangle and the bottom half showing a vertical or "portrait" one.  The student will have three opportunities to trace the shape. 

The first two will have dotted lines to help guide the student, while the last one has only dots in the corners which the student will need to connect in order to draw the shape.

The next three papers all focus on identifying rectangles among other shapes. 

In the second paper there are shapes scattered all over the page amongst circles, squares, and triangles.  Have your child color in all of the rectangles.  You could cover other shapes as well by creating a legend for your student.  For example, color all rectangles blue, all triangles yellow, and so on for the other shapes.

The third handout shows how rectangles can appear in real-world objects.  Your child needs to circle all of the items that are in the shape of a rectangle, in this example, the door, sign, dollar bill, and cell phone.

The last paper is a shape maze.  At the top of the worksheet is a Lego construction worker and at the bottom is a bridge.  Your students will need to get the worker from the top of the maze to the bridge he's building at the bottom by coloring in the rectangles to create a path.

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