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These sight word worksheets are a favorite in our house.  My daughter loves playing games so rolling the die makes these exercises seem more like play and less like homework.

I've created worksheets for the first set of Pre-Primer sight words because that's what we've been focusing on this school year.  I'll create more as we learn new words, but in the meantime I've created a blank template that you can use to tailor the worksheets to your child or students' needs.

Roll A Sight Word Worksheets

On each handout there are six columns with a die number at the top and a word at the bottom.  Have your child roll the die and whatever number is rolled, write the word for that number.

For example, in the first worksheet below if your child rolls a one, he or she would write "can" in one of the boxes in the '1' column.  It's a simple task that kids (at least my kid) enjoys.

You could also use the template to create your own worksheets focusing on different sight words or add words from your child's spelling list.

Print your worksheets by clicking on the pictures below.  This will open a PDF file in another tab.

sight word worksheets 1
sight word worksheets 2
sight word worksheets 3
sight word worksheets 4
sight word worksheets 5
sight word worksheets 6
sight word worksheets 7
sight word worksheets template

Thank you for visiting. For more help with sight words check out the links below.

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