Sight Word Worksheets

sight word worksheets

These sight word worksheets are a favorite in our house.  My daughter loves playing games so rolling the die makes these exercises seem more like play and less like homework.

I have created worksheets for the first set of Pre-Primer sight words because that is what we have been focusing on this school year.  I will create more as we learn new words, but in the meantime I've created a blank template that you can use to tailor the worksheets to your child or students' needs.

Roll A Sight Word Worksheets

On each handout there are six columns with a die number at the top and a word at the bottom.  Have your child roll the die and whatever number is rolled, write the word for that number.

For example, in the first worksheet below if your child rolls a one, he or she would write "can" in one of the boxes in the '1' column.  It's a simple task that kids (at least my kid) enjoy.

You can try to make this more like a game with your child and see which column she thinks she can fill up first.  If you are in a classroom setting, you could offer a prize for the first student to completely fill their entire sheet or for the first student to fill up one of the columns. 

Maybe you could offer a different prize for each column.  For example, if you fill up the column for the number three first then you get a piece of candy, but if you fill up the column for the number five first, then you get to pick a prize from a prize bag.  We have bags full of little toys from Kids' Meals and Halloween treat bags that we like to keep around the house for little games like this.

I have also included a blank template that you can use to tailor the worksheet to your child's or classroom's needs.  We have used this idea for our daughter's spelling word lists in the past.  Instead of (or in addition to) doing a rote task of writing her words three times, we add some of her spelling words to the row at the bottom and let her roll and write them.  We're accomplishing the same thing, but it's more fun for her.

sight word worksheets 1
sight word worksheets 2
sight word worksheets 3
sight word worksheets 4
sight word worksheets 5
sight word worksheets 6
sight word worksheets 7
sight word worksheets template

Thank you for visiting. For more help with sight words check out the links below.

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