Kindergarten Sight Words

kindergarten sight words

In this set of Kindergarten sight words, we will focus on the following Pre-primer words:

  • can
  • we
  • see
  • the

These are some of the most basic words that your child will come across when learning to read new words.  Many early learning books use very simple language that repeats.  I remember reading so many books with our little ones that were basically the same sentence over and over for ten pages with only one or two words changed.

We read one story called "I Can" and every page was one sentence, saying "I can dance." Then the next page was "I can sing" and so on and so on.  While these kinds of stories may be boring for us, they are great for building the confidence and vocabulary of those kindergarten students just beginning to learn how to read.

For a complete list of sight words and more lessons, see the links at the bottom of the page.

Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets

The first sight word worksheet presents the simple task of picking out the correct words among a group of words.  On the paper are carts of coal with words on them.  There are nine words in all.  At the top of the page is a word bank with the sight words I, can, we, see, and the. Have your child find and circle the coal carts with the same words on them.  Be sure to have your child read the words out loud while he or she is finding and circling them.  

The next activity is a simple writing task using the sight words.  There are five rows of three-lined writing sections.  Each of the sight words is written in a traceable font at the beginning of each row. Students should trace the word on the dotted line first and then write the word three times using the remaining space.

In the third paper, students will need to unscramble the words to spell their sight words.  There are four rows of scrambled letters.  Each of them can be rearranged to spell one of the sight words found in this lesson.  There is a word bank at the top of the paper to help.

In the final worksheet, students will need to use each word from the bank one time to complete the sentences.

kindergarten sight words 01
kindergarten sight words 02
kindergarten sight words 03
kindergarten sight words 04

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