Sight Words List

Each sight words list below is broken up into one of five categories:

  • Pre-Primer
  • Primer
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade 

The Dolch list of sight words contains 220 words that are essential to building a basic set of reading skills.

Printable Sight Words List

You can print out each list below for a study guide or use them along with the sight word worksheets found on this site. 

When beginning to teach these words to your child, be sure that you work on a few at a time. 

The worksheets on this site break the lists into smaller categories that focus on five words at a time.  Master one set before moving on.  Let's read!

sight words list 1
sight words list 2
sight words list 3
sight words list 4
sight words list 5

Now put these lists to good use with the sight word worksheets found on these pages:

kindergarten sight words 1
sight word games 00
sight word worksheets
sight words flash cards 00

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