Valentine Day Activity

valentine day activity

The ABC Order Valentine Day activity is based off of a worksheet that our son brought home over the winter holidays. 

His spelling words were written down on pieces of paper and scrambled.  When they were put in order they created a picture.

It was a paper that he really enjoyed doing.  I created a few for Thanksgiving that he liked and since he and the rest of our kids are all about Valentine's Day right now, I thought it was time to make some more.

The great thing about Valentine's Day is all of the vocabulary words that you can introduce your child to.

While you're working on ABC Order, you can also grab a dictionary and have your child learn about all these new words. 

Our son's teacher likes to have her students write down the definitions of their spelling and vocabulary words.

He is not thrilled about this task, but he does the work and it has improved his vocabulary.

Valentine Day Activity Sheets

There are three different ABC Order puzzles.  The first one is the easiest as it only has one word for each letter.  It's a great paper for students that have recently learned their ABC's.

Older students should concentrate on the last two worksheets.  They have two or three words for each letter of the alphabet making the task a bit harder to complete.

Have your child cut out all of the scraps of paper and then put them into alphabetical order.  Then he or she can glue the pieces onto a piece of construction paper to finish the puzzle.

Below each puzzle is what the completed picture will look like.

valentine day activity 1
valentine day activity 2
valentine day activity 3
valentine day activity 4
valentine day activity 5
valentine day activity 6

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