Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

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Of all the kids Thanksgiving crafts we've tried and made available on the site, this one is probably my favorite. 

Our youngest daughter had an absolute blast with this project and she's not one that usually enjoys this kind of stuff.

She has been painting quite a bit more recently and we just watched the LEGO Movie, so it's no wonder that she has taken to this craft.

As for me, there is one simple reason that I love this craft so much--there is little mess to be made.  There is no cutting paper which leaves little scraps everywhere, no glue or glitter or googly eyes--just a simple printout, some paint and a couple of Legos.

Thanksgiving Corn Craft

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  • Paint (orange/brown/yellow)
  • Legos (small)
  • Corn template (below)

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The first thing you need to do is print out the free Thanksgiving craft corn template.

Click the picture on the left and you'll open up a PDF file in another tab.

From there, just click on the printer icon and you're set.

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Once you have it printed out, you need to choose your paint colors. 

For our craft, we used yellow and orange. 

You could use just about any color to create some decorative corn-blue, green, red.

Squeeze a small amount of paint onto a plate (we used a piece of printer paper) and dip the Lego block into the paint.

Make sure you dip the top of the block into the paint for a nice, neat circle.  Our kids tried to use the bottom at first and it left big, block-sized squares on our first attempt at this craft.

Then just switch between colors (use a different block for each one) and load your worksheet up with tiny pieces of corn.  Simple and easy!

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More Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Like I mentioned above, we've tried a bunch of different Thanksgiving crafts with the kids over the years.  Below are a few more crafts for you to try as well as some fun Thanksgiving-themed activities and coloring pages.

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