Sight Words For Kindergarten

sight words for kindergarten

In this second section of sight words for Kindergarten students, we will be covering the words a, and, go, to, and you

We have already looked at the words I, can, we, see, and the.  These words along with the new words in this lesson are high-frequency words that will give your child a great start to being able to read by herself.

For previous units covering kindergarten sight words, see the related lessons at the bottom of this page.

Printable Sight Words For Kindergarten Students

Each of the printable sight word worksheets has instructions written at the top of the page, but I will go ahead and cover them more in depth here.  If you have any questions about the papers, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment on the site or on our Facebook page.

The first worksheet is a simple tracing activity.  There are five lines for practicing.  Each word is written in a traceable font at the beginning of each line.  Have your child trace each word and then practice writing the word freehand a few times on the remaining space.

In the second paper, there is a box with all of the sight words inside.  Below the word bank are honeycombs with different words on them.  Have your child circle all of the honeycombs that have the sight words from the box written on them.

The next activity is a word jumble.  Once again, there is a word bank with 4 high frequency words inside.  I had to leave the word "a" out, because it's hard to scramble the letters in a one-letter word.  Below the box are four writing lines and four cars that have jumbled letters.  Your students need to unscramble the letters to form the correct popcorn word and then write it on the line.  I've included arrows so students know exactly which line to write the word on.

The following handout is a fill in the blank activity.  Using words from the bank at the top of the page, your child will need to complete the sentences.  Each word will only be used once.  I tried to use the simplest words possible, but you may still have to help your child to read the sentences.

In the sight word coloring activity sheet, your child will need to trace the words found inside the word bank and then color in the pandas below the bank that have the correct sight words on them.

The last worksheet is a writing activity.  Again, your students will need to trace the words found in the bank.  Then, using the size of the boxes as a guide, write the correct word in each row.  At the bottom of the sheet are a couple of blank lines to practice writing the words.

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