Sight Words Kindergarten Activities

Use these sight words kindergarten worksheets to teach your child about the pre-primer words listed below.

If you have been working your way through all of the lessons, your child should already be able to read I, can, we, see, the, a, and, go, to, and you.

If you haven't worked on these words yet, you can go ahead with this lesson, but be sure to check out the related pages at the bottom of this page for the free worksheets covering those words.

In this unit we will focus on the words:

  • my
  • is
  • little
  • for
  • said

Sight Words Kindergarten Worksheets

If you've been working your way through the previous sets of words, then you are familiar with the different types of worksheets below. 

The first sheet focuses on simple handwriting tasks.  There are five rows of handwriting practice.  Each word is written in a traceable font at the beginning of each line.  Have your child trace the word and then practice writing the word a few times on the remaining space.

In the second row is a box with the sight words in it.  Below the box are trees with words on them.  Have your child circle all of the trees that have one of the sight words from the box written on it.

The third paper is a scrambled writing task.  Each word is written on one of the animals and has been scrambled up.  Using the word bank at the top of the page, unscramble the word on each animal and then write it on the line next to it.

The next sheet is a fill in the blank activity.  Using the words from the box, have your child complete the sentences.  Each word should only be used once.  Since we're just starting to learn how to read, you may have to help your child read the sentence and then let him or her pick the correct word.  

Then you'll see a coloring activity.  In the box are all of the kindergarten sight words that we've been focusing on in this unit.  Your students need to trace the words in the box.  Underneath the box are monsters with high-frequency words written beneath them.  Color in the monsters that are standing above one of the words from the box.

The final worksheet is another tracing and writing activity.  Trace the words inside the box and then write the words in the correct boxes below the word bank.

sight words kindergarten 1
sight words kindergarten 2
sight words kindergarten 3
sight words kindergarten 4
sight words kindergarten 5
sight words kindergarten 6

Ready to move on?  Try the sight words kindergarten lessons below:

sight words for kindergarten 00
sight words word search 00
teaching sight words 00
sight words list 00

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