Sight Words Kindergarten Activities

Use these sight words kindergarten worksheets to teach your child about the pre-primer words listed below.

In this unit we will focus on the words:

  • my
  • is
  • little
  • for
  • said

Sight Words Kindergarten Worksheets

If you've been working your way through the previous sets of words, then you are familiar with the different types of worksheets below. 

The first sheet focus on simple handwriting tasks, the student should trace the word and then write the word out as many times as space allows. 

The second sheet will ask your child to find the given sight words in a group of words.  Circle the answers. 

Thirdly, your child will need to unscramble the words and write them to get the correct answer.

In the final sheet, the student will need to fill in the blank with the correct word. 

Since we're just starting to learn how to read, you may have to help your child read the sentence and then let him or her pick the correct word.  Enjoy!

sight words kindergarten 1
sight words kindergarten 2
sight words kindergarten 3
sight words kindergarten 4

Ready to move on?  Try the sight words lessons below:

sight words for kindergarten 00
sight words word search 00
teaching sight words 00
sight words list 00

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