Thanksgiving Word Search

thanksgiving word search

Here are a few Thanksgiving word search papers to include with your holiday-themed lesson plans.  I tried to maintain different themes throughout the papers.

There are food themes as well as Native American and Pilgrim themes.  Younger students might find some of the puzzles too hard. 

I've separated the easy ones out. The food word search is perfect for these students; it has much smaller words.

Just be sure to work at your child's pace and reading level.

Thanksgiving Word Search Worksheets

The word searches are broken up into different categories.  We've had problems in some of our classes with words that are diagonal or backwards being too hard to find. 

What I've done is divide the worksheets up into ones with words going any and every which way and words that are strictly forwards and only horizontal or vertical.

The first three papers are easy.  They only use words that are spelled forwards.  They may be up and down or left to right, but never diagonal or backwards.

This makes the puzzles much easier for those students just beginning to learn how to read.  It's hard enough to master the English language going forwards, no sense in making them try to learn it in reverse. :)

The last four papers are harder.  They have words that are every which way possible.  Some of the words are also a bit tougher than the previous ones.  Use your best judgment and work at your child or students' level.

thanksgiving word search 1
thanksgiving word search 2
thanksgiving word search 3
thanksgiving word search 4
thanksgiving word search 5
thanksgiving word search 6
thanksgiving word search 7

I have created a bunch of different Thanksgiving-themed worksheets and activities for you to use at home or in the classroom.

Be sure to check out the Thanksgiving coloring pages, word scrambles, and bingo cards--all of which would be great to use for a class party. 

Use the links below to discover more Thanksgiving  worksheets, crafts, and activities.   Thanks for visiting!

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